Teach 'em to Fish strives to create a better world through landscapes that aesthetically inspire and socially advance.




As our name implies we put a strong emphasis on the spreading of knowledge to employees, customers, and the community.


Community education, involvement, and enhancement are central components to our operations.



We strive to improve the natural world surrounding us through "green" practices, use of native plant material, and the encouragement of ecological awareness.

Mulch-Less Landscaping


Mulch-less landscapes are aesthetically pleasing, ecologically harmonious, and self-sufficient systems that lower maintenance costs while enriching the value and productivity of the locations they are installed at.

Our mulch-less plantings are designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient habitats. These need no costly inputs like mulch, fertilizers, or other chemicals. Once established, mulch-less plantings nearly eliminate the need for weeding, plant care, watering, and seasonal cleanup. Mulch-less plantings are the most cost-effective, low maintenance, and sustainable gardening systems around. Contact Teach ‘em to Fish to plant tomorrow with us today.


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Native plants offer an ideal pallet of color, texture, and fragrance to be implemented into the landscape. Usage of native flora obviously has ecological relevance as native habitats are diminished or destroyed but they also have overwhelming advantages in sensual pleasure and a tenacity incombatable with foreign species. Native species are perfectly adapted to our climate. Therefore, they bloom, grow, and offer their beauty more vivaciously than foreign competitors. Selection of native plants for your garden is not only the ecologically responsible decision it is also the decision for a more cohesive, long lasting, garden that exudes the beauty of nature year round.