Teach ‘Em to Fish is committed to providing quality landscape services that encourage education, community involvement, and ecological awareness. Our exceptional quality is due to operation efficiency, active investment in our staff’s knowledge and expertise, and our implementation of the latest techniques and technologies.


Andrew and Nathan have over 20 year’s combined experience in the horticulture industry learning and working at the highest levels of the trade. They saw an opportunity to overhaul the industry by optimizing efficiency, maximizing positive ecological impact, building a quality workplace, utilizing new techniques and technologies, and spreading their love of the outdoors through the education of their staff, customers, and community.

Teach ‘em to Fish provides educational opportunities internally and externally with our lectures, programs, resources, support, and encouragement. We volunteer our labor and expertise to libraries, schools, park districts, and restoration projects in our surrounding communities. All of our operations are geared toward the betterment of our environment for both enjoyment and utility.

Teach ‘em to Fish invests heavily in training our staff and giving them the opportunities to better themselves and their communities. They take pride in the high-quality services they provide. We offer our staff educational resources and opportunities to increase their knowledge and skill sets. Our staff is compensated well and in accordance with their qualification, ensuring high motivation and excellent customer service.